1 junio, 2017


Model of Technical Grouping for Horizontal and Vertical Cooperation. Plan of vertebration and strategic-organizational coordination of the key productive sectors of the Duero-Douro EGTC.

Description of the activity

This activity will include all actions aimed at the compilation and inventorying of information concerning both the production framework and the export framework of all the companies located in the cross-border territory, and also possible new companies that can fit within the internationalization objective of the productive fabric.

We understand that in order to create a model of strategic and cooperative commerce, there is a need to classify all the companies that will be part of this project based on aspects such as:

– Economic sector to which the activity belongs.
– R & D processes in which the company can participate.
– Technical specifications of the processes and products obtained.


Action 1: Identification of export agents within the EGTC Duero-Douro territory

The general objective of this action is to make an inventory of all the companies that carry out some type of export activity within the Duero-Douro EGTC territory, as well as the sector to which its activity belongs.

In order to achieve this objective, the intention is to develop a questionnaire, simple and easy to understand, which will be sent to these companies asking for their collaboration so that the compilation of information is as truthful as possible.

This questionnaire includes:
– Promoter data.
– Data of who completes the survey.
– Type of product exported.
– Export volume as percentage of annual sales.
– Export volume in euro per year.
– Main exporting destinations..

This action is intended to group companies according to the sector in which they develop their activity, the degree of innovation and development with which they count, as well as the technical specifications of their productive activity, thus facilitating the accomplishment of collaborative tasks between such undertakings.

Action 2: Analysis of export figures from the EGTC Duero-Douro territory

The objective of this activity is the elaboration of a database that shows as truthfully as possible the reality of the exports of the municipalities that are part of the territory through numerical figures.

In order to be able to carry out such analysis, in the majority of cases, we will be starting from zero in the accounting of the figures since we do not have previous studies in this regard. Hence the need for collaboration by companies to provide us with the most realistic figures possible. In other cases, we will use studies carried out by the relevant public entities of both Spain and Portugal, extrapolating the data to the other agents as accurately as possible and using correction indicators to consider possible failures.

Action 3: Creation of new companies and possible new exporters

Given the high level of underground economy that exists in rural areas, often with a high quality of production, there is a need to promote the legalization of this group of producers as well as help them to participate in export activity to the extent of possible.

On the other hand, we have a wide range of companies that do not participate in the export activity either due to lack of resources, lack of knowledge or the complexity of carrying out this task in an individualized way. Therefore, another of the objectives of this action is to provide the necessary support to fill these deficits, showing companies the benefit of cooperation between all of them to be able to market their products in other countries. It will be necessary to train these agents in the export field, and especially in technological aspects in order that the producers will be able to know how to manage their activity in a self-sufficient way.